Rule of Success (Scholar)


Probably a dense question on my part, but the Rule of Success give a sorcerer a morale bonus the round after he "slays" something. In this case, "slay" means to kill outright; reduce to -10 hit points, not -1 to -9 ? Would a sorcered get this morale bonusr from a creature who would of normally otherwise died but was Left For Dead ?


Mad Dog
IMC I play it that the bonus kicks in anytime the sorcorer drops his opponent, most commonly by reducing them to -1 or fewer HP. This makes the Rule of Success consistent with other similar mechanics such as cleave.

Weither or not the opponent uses a Fate Point to be Left for Dead is not an issue.

Hope that helps.
I'd say the same thing. Think about it - it's a moreal bonus because the sorcerer believes himself to be a complete badass for felling his foes. He doesn't go and check thier pulse, he just sees them go down, cackles manically, and goes on tossing arcane nastiness around the room.

Combined with Opportunistic Sacrifice, this is a whole different sort of cackle, however...
According to the rules the creature must die to provide the bonus. However, in Conan there exists a weird rule (AE, page 150) that states "unimportant" creatures die at 0 hit points, while "important" creatures die at -10 hit points. And in my opinion the sorcerer wouldn't get the bonus if the creature was Left For Dead.

Another thing worth noting is that the bonus will technically expire before the sorcerer's next round starts, rendering it pretty weak.