It's quite a good review. I'm not sure about it not appealing to anybody who has not already had exposure to Magnamund. Maybe I'm just a deluded fan boy, ok, ok, but I think that RPG stands very well on it's own merit. The classes for example are superb well detailed with a really nice range of abilities and the world description is also very good.

I'm using the game at the moment as an introduction to RPG's for my kids. I'm also planning on using it with a group of adult friends. It's great as an introduction, but it is so colourful and characterful it will be great fun for veteran gamers too. At the very least it should appeal to people that are new to RPGs but not Lone Wolf fans, with the free game books to back it up it's got to be one of the best intoductions to RPGs out there.
I largely agree with Eternalknight. With the vast array of settings out there, there isn't a lot to make Magnumund really stand out to the uninitiated. Lone Wolf will certainly appeal to many who haven't read the books ... but it will have to compete with countless other settings to gain their attention first.

I would guess that most people using d20 fall into one of two categories: either they like vanilla D&D, or they want something that is especially different. Lone Wolf doesn't really fall into either of those categories at a glance. It's appeal doesn't stem from any obvious gimmick or feature ... it's something more subtle, that is hard to identify without being exposed to the original books.

Mongoose has done an awesome job -- let me stress that -- but I don't think there is anything they (or anyone) can do to bottle the essence of Lone Wolf and provide it to us as a discrete product in an RPG. The game takes that essence and turns it into something even grander -- but it's strength and foundation will always remain rooted in the original texts.

Or something like that.

Summary: Lone Wolf good. Mongoose Lone Wolf good. Me happy.
SableWyvern said:
I largely agree with Eternalknight.

Actually, I'd like to point out I didn't do the review, merely found it while browsing the 'net. :)

Though, from my point of view, I agree with most of it.
I doubt I'll be picking Lone Wolf up, but I did read the review and it's nice to see a good one over there for a Mongoose product. There's been couple posted on that site for OGL books have been less than flattering and not very accurate.

But everyone knows that sucks, right? :shock: :wink: