Do mongoose publishing have Russia retailers?

Just yesterday my friend sayed me about babylon5 RPG, so it'll be very pity if I can't buy books (((

P.S. Sorry for my english! )))
Your English is fine.

If you don't get an answer here, you could try e-mailing

Thay can probably answer your question.

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Tanit Ironwolf said:
your english is pretty good. I wonder does Mongoose publish thier books in different languages??

I know they do Conan and LW inSpanish.

Toothill man is chasing down foreign language versions of Slaine.

Well I've never seen a french Mongoose book here in Québec (Canada) but it doesn't really bother me. I would have gone out of my way to get the original english version anyway.

PS: moor-i-arthy, don't worry, your english is better than our russian so we can't complain. :wink: Anyway, you write better that many anglophones. So may people write such a bad english on forums... It saddens me and it's my second language. I'm glad that this forum generally has a nice english quality. For the record, things are just as bad on french forums (often worse... :cry: )