Reducing Stress

Could anyone please tell me how you reduce the stress of your ship in the new shipbuilding rules?
Yeah, I found the SBM lacking in that regard too. I made up my own:
"Structural Reinforcement":
Hull size Cost (per point decrease)
Diminutive 250 per point of structural space
Tiny 500 per point of structural space
Small 750 per point of structural space
Medium 1000 per point of structural space
Large 1500 per point of structural space
Huge 2000 per point of structural space
Gargantuan 2500 per point of structural space
Colossal 5000 per point of structural space
As you can see, it becomes rather expensive for big ships (as it's paid per structural space - for example, the Hyperion has: stress 12; basic stress for hull size 20, -2 due to military-grade hull, -6 due to structural reinforcement; cost 6×68×2000, +10% for military grade hull = adding 897600 credits to the ships total cost), so it is usually only done for military vessels. (OK, so the Hyperion doesn't really have 68 structure... it only says it does... but for the example lets assume these 68 were right...)

Even more disturbing for me were the weapon swap possibilities... come on, see what you can arm an average fighter with - but make sure you don't drink anything at the same time, as you might experience some explosive exhalation when being confronted by the possibility of a Starfury with... Quad-Linked Solar Cannons! (and no, I don't care that it would be too expensive for PC's to plausibly do - my experience has shown me that if it's possible in the rules, some munchkin will find a weak-willed GM who allows it... oh, well, one has to expect such things from a first try at shipbuilding rules... let's home Mongoose makes enough profit to stzay in business a looong time, so I can get a revised shipbuilding system supplement some day...)
Nice idea about the structural decrease, Shadowscout, I'll add it to my collection of ever growing house rules :)

I agree about the weapons swap, I would like a little note beside each weapon, that states a weapons minimum size craft. They could have just put a letter next to it. T=Tiny, S=Small etc. I will put that in the book myself, by looking at the ships that has already been made, but it would have been nice if it was done already.
I agree about the weapons swap, I would like a little note beside each weapon, that states a weapons minimum size craft...
Hmmm... yes, that would work. For most things... but not for all.

Remember the tiomes of AoG and their B5W game, some ships had many "light" weapons while other have fewer "medium" weapons for roughly compartable combat power. But in the new system both these weapons have a ws value of "1", thus opening the hatch for unbalancing weapon swaps.

Personally I would have preferred it if they had made a more "precise" ws system, with each ship and most systems having about ten times the value it has now, and guns having exact values - a "1 space" light gun might have had "8 spaces" then, while a "1 space" medium gun might have had "14 spaces"... no way to simp,y swap them on a 1-to-1 basis... oh, well, maybe in a few years when they re-release the SBM in "3rd Edition"! :wink: :D
Yes, that would have been even better, a system with a set size for a specific piece of equipment... That would have been very nice indeed, but as you say, maybe next time :)

Maybe you have very little to do, ShadowScout, and feel the urge to do something about it? :wink: