Re-imaged ships?


Cosmic Mongoose
so then, some people have Armegeddon, some don't, however I was intrigued to hear that at the recent tourney, the EA, shadows and Vorlons all had new ship stats, and everyone else was using SFOS ships again. Now It was my understanding that a number of ships accross the board were to be changed for armagedon, one example being the Avioki. Now as no other ship stats were released, does that mean none of the other ships got re-statted, or that they were deemed not as important as the EA and ancients for the tourney? Given that most of the rules changes are out in the open, is their any point me buying armageddon if the fleets I play stay the same? - - - (I'm ignoring the new ships as I can't justify to myself paying 30 quid for a mini)
Well theres the usual

But dem stealth rulez and fighter stuff.......

Ehh yes. but if you dont play EA/First Ones/Ancients/ISA it is more a question if it is worth its money. Cause shelling out 50 bucks for such an overblown vessel, where the same money would get me alot of more detailed and nices and more carryable ships........

Just get someone in your group who plays EA to buy the book, and well maybe photocopy the rule changes, they shouldnt be more than one page least not much than that ^^.

Dunno about how much fluff is in the book though, that is more of a decision factor with me.
EA, Vorlons and Shadows are re-done. Apart from them, only the Victory was re-statted. Its up to Armageddon, the Lightning Cannon kicks some serious behind, but it's back to not firing any other weapons the same turn or the turn after you use it. Its range was also reduced to 20", which totally sucks.

Brikorta, White Star, Var'Nic, Secundus, Shantavi and Esheran have small changes/typo fixes.

There are new ships too, not all of them Armageddon level; for example Narn and Drazi get a War ship. Also Armageddon isn't just about the stas... if you aren't familiar with the rules changes, you might get caught out.
I guess I won't be buying it then, sounds a bit pointless really. I know the rules changes anyway apart from advaned e-mines so i guess I can save that money to spend on something else.