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Sorry @IanBruntlett I have moved our question across to this
How about cardboard figures for Travellers and/or aliens? Maybe some cardboard illustrations (with hexs or squares on for scale) of the insides of some of the more popular adventure class ships to act as settings for boarding actions? I am no painter so lead/plastic figurines are too much hassle to paint and too heavy to take transport to a game.


I noticed there have been several requests for 2D deck plans for the 'Deepnight Endeavour' Starship. Where can I download these as it is impossible to use isometric deck plans in actual game play.

I am disappointed that Mongoose is still producing the iso-format plans without also supplying usable 2D deck plans within supplimental modules.

I have tried to convert the isometric plans with a high-end graphics pakage but the results are unusable as the scale is destroyed. If you can't or won't supply full plans for the whole ship, please at least supply plans for key areas, i.e. Bridge, Engineering, Scientific & Medical sentres and a plan for a standard fuel shuttle.

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Hi there,

We now produce 2D plans for ships exclusively. There is, however, value in going back to some of our older books and revising plans for 2D, and Deepnight seems like a good candidate for this. We are currently packed with projects at the moment, but we will take a look at this when things have cleared a bit.


Hey there! Apologies if this has been answered, but is there any updates available of the 2022 character sheet? I've noticed some typos on the one available from the free downloads tab, and was just wondering if there was an edited version floating around?


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So, when can we expect some info /hype about Traveller: Pioneer?
I don't see it on the release schedule, but you guys have surprised me before, so...


Wondering again is there going to be any other way to get Bu and Embla? I was in the Kickstarter for JTAS 7-12 but only as pdf versions which didn't give the option for it.


At this time, Bu and Embla may appear as a PDF but the printed format for the Kickstarter will remain a Kickstarter exclusive.
PDF is all I am after don't have alot of room for books or I would have gotten print editions of JTAS to begin with. But I think PDF option should have been part of kickstarter to begin with even if price went up a bit. Also has all the art been received for CSC yet?


I was wondering if it’s possible to get a free pdf of whatever rulebook I purchase on Fantasy Grounds. I bought the Core Rules on Fantasy Grounds and also bought the pdf. I won’t be able to afford that with future purchases, but I like having a pdf version that I can put on my iPad and take and read anywhere. Is this possible?


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Happy to help :)

Now a couple of questions of my own.

1. Have you considered doing a 5e D&D version of Traveller?

2. Any chance you could do a Traveller version of the rather excellent Savage Worlds Seven Worlds setting and campaign?