question: when will Deepnight Revelation be re-released


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It has been over a year since the kick starter of "Deepnight Revelation" was released, I was under the assumption it will eventually be released in a few months on rpgnow in a pdf form?!? Or at lease you can get the adventure from Mongoose Publishing. :cry: will this ever be re-released for the people that missed the kick starter or something? Thanks in advance.
I'm sure that it will be released for general purchase after those of us who participated in the Kickstarter receive our copy.
Right, you’re asking for a “re-release” of something that hasn’t been released in its final form yet. All us kickstarter backers have are drafts with partial art. So you’ll just need a little more patience.
From the kick starter was started a year ago and from the page you should have received the whole thing by July 2020 but this human malware has thrown a wrinkle or two in the works. I guess the gen pub will be in 2022 - 2024 then and the kick starters will have there units in 2021 - 2023 I guess? well happy holidays I'll check back on it next year. thanks for the updates.
On the latest Mongoose Release Schedule it looks like its coming out in PDF during December 2020 and in print May 2021.

Mongoose has always been good in delivering on their Kickstarters so the estimate that I as a backer will get it sometime between 2021-2023 and other non backers 2022-2024 is way off the mark. The fact that 2020 has been an exceptional year that's why along with a couple of other reasons why it's not been delivered.

Matt has kept the backers fully in the loop and delivered PDFs of the various books that I backed, though they are not the completed versions they gave you enough to play the campaign.
Hey everyone,

Okay, Deepnight update!

We are (finally!) basically finished with it. We are literally doing the last deck plan right now, and backers will get the final PDFs this week (aiming for tomorrow!). We go to print next week, and pre-orders for the main box set will likely go up on the web site before Christmas.

By then we should have a predicted date for delivery from the printers. Backers will get their box set and expansion books sent out to them first, followed by pre-orders for the box, and then the expansion books will go on general sale.

You will all be travelling far into deep space (and beyond?) in the first half of next year!