Powers of the Lotus


Say, I was just wondering if there will be rules for the various lotus drugs in the Conan RPG. The old GURPS Conan provided rules for several lotus types, but they may not have all been from REH's original stories. In any case, I'll list the types of lotus from GURPS Conan here, and I wonder if any of them appear in the new Conan RPG....

Black Lotus: incapacitating perfume, lethally poisonus juice.

Gray Lotus: inhalent or chewable root induces berserker rage.

Pink Lotus: aphrodisiac inhalent, can be made into a paste that works like a morphine-like painkiller.

Purple Lotus: blossom or juice causes paralysis.

Red Lotus: can be smoked or chewed, induces euphoria.

Yellow Lotus: pollen induces a trance, useful to mages.

I don't know what sources the GURPS writers used to come with these lotus rules, but I'm really curious as to whether any lotus drugs will appear in the new Conan RPG.
Black Lotus: incapacitating perfume, lethally poisonus juice.

Actually, in the Temple of the Elephant Black Lotus powder (which was yellow in color) killed any who inhaled it.
Yep, the powder is mentioned in GURPS Conan as well. Also, Queen of the Black Coast features the Black Lotus in the wild, and mentions how its juice is death. It's perfume knocks Conan out. So clearly REH himself detailed the Black Lotus, and I'm hoping it's mentioned in the Conan RPG corebook. I don't know what other forms of Lotus REH wrote about, or whether all other forms were created by the pastiche writers.