PLEASE open a BF Evo Forum


All these BFE Threads in the Starship Troopers forum make me insane.
It would be really nice to open a forum were these thread don't mess other forums where they shouldn't be at all.
I'm sure BF:Evo will get it's own forum in time, until then SST is really thre most obviopus place for it what with the ties to SST Evo.

Well I'd agree with Galatea, the SST forum is getting messy and it would be nice if you get newbs to be able to direct them to a BF;Evo forum. After all there is a Conan forum....
While I was at the BF:E day, Matt said they would make a press-release when they got all the Wave 1 models in (I think). My guess is that they'll open a full forum around then.