Planet Mongoose PARANOIA news...



Here's the relevant excerpts...

"JUNE: Flashbacks Redux Redux: Following on from our recent Paranoia release that compiled a lot of the classic missions, this hardback will complete the set, giving you every mission that the designers of the game thought you should not miss!"

"JULY: The Great Outdoors: Written by Gareth Hanrahan, this is a Paranoia adventure that sends the players into Outdoors Sector. Gareth, Paranoia, Outdoors. You won't want to miss this one."

Pleased to see Redux Redux coming up so quickly. If I can only get my Paranoia S&P article written, submitted, accepted and printed, I should be able to buy both volumes :)

As for Gareth's adventure, he's a great writer so I am interested... though PARANOIA outdoors in my experience tends to stray too far from the Paranoid leaving only the silliness and mutant-blasting... fun for a while but not very fulfilling... still I'm sure the man who wrote High Programmer can give us something worth playing!

I seem to recall Matt saying we should get four books in 2011, the two Flashbacks volumes and two adventures. And Allen Varney has been dropping the odd PARANOIA mission related tweet. Hmmm!

Oh, and if anyone at Mongoose is still reading this I'd like to repeat my call for a 256-page Stuff Redux in 2012, covering both XP volumes :D