Pirate Isles: Bottle Storms and Knot Wind


1. The Knot Wind spell lists "S, M, XP" as components, but there is no description of either the material component nor the XP cost. Is this a typo? (I guess the material component could be a length of rope, but what about the XP cost?)

2. The Bottle Storms spell seems a bit over-powered. Sorcerers can get this spell at 5th level and it can "hold entire nations hostage to their depraved whims"... :shock: No XP cost, no difficult-to-get material components.

OK, so the scholar would probably have to be at 6th level with Wis 16 to get enough PP to cast the spell, but my point is still valid...

I know that the sorcerer will probably be chased after by all able-bodied warriors in the affected area, but still... the prerequisites seem too low, or the difficulty/cost (not necessarily PP cost) should be higher. Any thoughts?

- thulsa
I'm fairly feverish right now, but I'll answer anyway. :)

1) Typo. Knot wind is a minor spell. I use a template with a large amount of data filled in. Most likely scenerio: I failed to delete it from the line and didn't notice on the read throughs.

2) It's intentionally low. It allows a low level scholar to hold a smallish area hostage thereby duplicating any number of really bad sword&sorcerery short stories.

If you want adjust it upwards feel free. :) 75 PP and tripling the radius gives you a much nastier spell...

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