Pastiche - Conan the Warlord


This is just a warning that the novel written by Leonard Carpenter entitled "Conan the Warlord" is a complete waste of time and money.

Not only do they get Conan's character totally wrong in this book, but the story is stale and pointless, and definately isn't salvageable as any kind of adventure plot.

The summary on the back of the book is very misleading and it looked like a good read, but alas, I was very very wrong.

You have been warned fellow Conaneers!
I've been reading a bunch of Conan pastiche lately and you're right, there are some real dogs out there. I haven't read Conan the Warlord though, thanks for the heads up.
Just getting started reading this one. I am sure I will concur but I already paid for it and am determined (as dificult as it may be...) to read all of the pastiches.

I will share my experience with all shortly.