Paranoia Mini's and GoMC1 : Judge Dredd vs. the computer??

Is Dredd vs the Computer a good Idea?

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(sound of Old-timer entering Geezer mode)

Back in the Day, I ran a very fun (well: _I_ thought it was anyway...) Paranoia campaign based on the Dark Horse comics series "HeartBreakers".
For those not in the know: 'HeartBreakers' features "gangs" of especially developed specialty Clones {ScienceGeek clones, Fighter clones, Pilot clones etc.} imagine one Part 'Aliens' {with all the Marines being Clones of the original Lt.} , one part Soylent Green, one part Blade get the idea...

Anyway- Where I'm headed with this :The Campaign -really- came into its own with the release of Necromunda, where Players could spontaneously play street-fight missions between "official" RP sessions that were then woven into the overall RPG milieu.
...Good Times....
...Good Times!!!
OK- so the Idea is:

_How about a Paranoia supplement using the GoMC1 engine?_

... With the miniatures already in production and available, it seems like a Natural cross-promotional bonanza to me--

(...Even further: how 'bout an Official "HeartBreakers" supplement as the Paranoia/GoMC1 tie-in/cross-over....??

< droooooool >

( of course: even if no "official" cross-over is feasible, anyone who thinks it is a good idea is free to use it....HeartBreakers is _CooL_!)

Hmmmmmmm....Guess I'll cross-post this in the "what should we publish" thread...
The UHF is okay on its own. I've seen it aplied to an Indiana Jones/Hellboy inspired game. It was used because the GM hated D20 but it worked really well! Apparently it was really easy to con a Nazi guard but don't even think about bootlicking the gestapo (they coat their boots in cyanide!)