OGL Wild West

Gareth Hanrahan is writing it, so you know it will be good!

I wouldn't be adverse to any details though...

Focused on settlers, cowboys, and native americans?

One, or all?

I'd like to see some teasers also!

What kind of classes are there going to be?

What will the tone be: "Brisco County Jr." or "Once Upon a Time in the West", or somewhere in between?

Will it be historically accurate (i.e. no one tossing around "magic")?

Golem2176 said:
I highly doubt this is going to be anything near Deadlands like.

I really doubt it will be either, but I just wanted to get my say in. :D

There was a recent D20 game that was touted as being "historical" but when I got it, it had two core classes that could cast spells. So I'm a little cautious now when a historical game I'm interested in is announced.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mongoose Gar!

I thought I read somewhere in these forums that "Wild West" included some wild stuff like magic and undead (Deadland style), as opposed to "Far West" for an historical setting.
Will it be modled after D20Modern? or D20?

I got another old west D20 game earlier this week, Sidewinder: Recoiled. It's modled off Modern.

Are you taking into account what has come before your OGL Wild West?

I've liked every OGL title thus far, looking forward to this one :)

I still plan on buying this book, but I gotta say that I am little disapointed that it is going to be straight historical. Sidewinder:Recoiled is straight historical, and that was the reason I held off on it for Wild West OGL.

Oh well. Thanks for the details. Looking forward to the finished product. Any idea when this will be coming out?

I plan on utlising real life events and historical characters in my OGL Wild West campaigns and submitting at least one article to Signs and Portents drawing on some of my own family history as my great, great grandmother was a circus rider with Buffalo Bill Cody at the turn of the last century.

I really am looking forward to this Gareth :)

I am looking forward to this book as well! At least when I have it in my hands and have read it from cover to cover I can start working on my southwestern flavored Indians and Shmanism type campaign! I just hope itll be good enough to see print one day!
CalicoDave said:
That previous "guest" was me.



Though a post with no name, quite fitting.

I am thinking d20 Horror/Wild West, being a big Jonah Hex fan, you know its gonna make Cowboys in Hell sense.