[OGL Wild West] Campaign Setting: Silversmith, AZ

Davy Jones

Silversmith, Arizona
The city of Silversmith lies on the Prescott to McDowell stage trail, on the shores of a branch of the Clear Fork of Rio San Francisco. This bustling silver mining town is 20 miles east of Montezuma Well, and about 110 miles east, by stage, from the former territory capital of Prescott.

Map of 1876 Arizona

The nearest rail station is a 60-mile horse ride through the Coconino Forest north to Val Colorado, mostly along the Leroux Trail (est. 1854). However, most travelers rely on the stage from Prescott to reach the town.

Silversmith supports three mining camps on the north face of the Mogollon Rim to the south, as well as about a dozen smaller claims in the area. Four ranches and a number of small farms dot the surrounding landscape.

Silversmith was founded by settlers in 1869 and silver was found in the foothills in 1871, creating a sudden boom in the sleepy town’s population and quickly drawing the businesses and rowdies that often accompany boomtowns.

The town was named the seat of newly-formed Jackson County in 1871, but the seat was moved in late 1875 after corruption in the commissioner’s and sheriff’s offices forced the governor to move the seat to Cienego.

As the Spring of 1876 arrives, the bustling mining town seeks to reestablish itself and become the “eastern Prescott” of Arizona.

Town Layout and Demographics
Silversmith and the surrounding area have a “permanent” population of 1,200, including over 650 miners in the foothills to the south. The K-Bar-T cattle ranch lies due east of the town, its operator often at odds with the Lazy “E” sheep ranch just to the north, and the groups have changed gunfire from time-to-time.

Small farms dot mostly the southern bank of the river, using irrigation techniques to grow a variety of crops.

The city has four streets: Clint, Jackson, Main and South. Main Street runs north and south, and hosts a variety of businesses. It crosses both east-west-running Jackson and South streets, and the resulting intersections are the busiest places in town. Clint Street runs from Jackson Street north, and ends after only a block as the town gives way to the banks of the river.

Banks (2): Arizona Territory Bank (north Main Street), First Bank of Silversmith (east Jackson Street)
Gambling Dens (5): Five on South Street
General Store: Hobbie’s General Store (SE corner of Jackson and Main)
Hardware (2): Smelt’s Hardware (east of Main Street on north edge of town), Lumber Yard (behind claims office on east Jackson Street)
Restaurants (2): within Silver Queen Hotel (NE corner of Clint and Jackson), within Grand Dame Hotel (NE corner of Jackson and Main)
Saloons (9): Silver Queen Saloon (NW corner of Jackson and Main, part of Silver Queen Hotel), Pieces of Eight Saloon (north Main Street), Tumbleweed Saloon (north Clint Street), six on South Street
Armorer: The Gun Shop (north Main Street)
Barber (2): One on east Jackson Street, one on South Street
Blacksmith: One on west Jackson Street
Bordello (3): Kitty Celeste’s (north Main Street), two on South Street
Cemetery: One attached to church (west of Clint Street on north side of town)
Church: One west of Clint Street on north side of town
Dentist: One on NE corner of Main Street
Dry Goods: Ketchum’s Dry Goods (west Jackson Street)
Surgery: Dr. Gunn’s clinic (100 yards NW of town)

Next up: Personalities of Silversmith (editor's note: I still have to finish writing all of them up)
Hey Davy, just wanted to give you a (very) belated thanks for posting this. I've only just picked up OGL WW myself, and am grateful for any and all tidbits I can glean for it. Your link to those fantastic archived maps alone are worth their weight in gold, any day! 8)

Have you made any progress with converting npcs or other info for this setting? Please post anything else you come up with! Cheers!
This is really sweet! I must've missed it when it first hit the forum so I appreciate the bump up! I'm printing this for campaign play cconsideration and overall inspiration!

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