OGL Steampunk review?

Hey Blue,
I'm not a professional at this, but what I have read which is very little. I love the book all most as much as Dragonstar and is my second favorite D20/OGL book next to the Dragonstar system books. The item creations charts which covers everything from Automata to structures and how to create and giving them personal flavor for the characters. I just started to play around with creating items.
The book also gives you new classes that have vocations which is like a specialty for your classes. Each class has a list of vocations that fall under that class. New races covers mutation of animals to be played as characters and a new character generator unless it is under the other OGL Books as well. This is my first OGL Book I picked up, so I could not tell you the character creation process. Each race has their own feat list to pick from as well which kind of reminds me of Dawnforge as the racial progressions. I should throw those in my games as well.
Does this help you any until there is an official review from someone you like posts a review?
Dear Dwarven Godfather,

Yes, it does at least give an idea of what is included within the said book; so, thank you for taking the time to scribe your observations.

Kind regards,
Blue Crane
Hey Blue,
Your Welcome with the review and I hope this got you curious about the book so you will now purchase the book. I know it will help possibly for my world creation and helped get my thoughts spinning again for my world once again. DG
Hey Blue,
You need to check out Kiln Publications Forums, they are making a campign world for Steampunk as we speak to each other on this Forums and could get very interesting especially since I'm chatting with the owner of Kiln Publications and could get some if my concepts published of they like the ideas. you could get to through this website since they are linked together. Talk to you later. DG