OGL SteamPunk Cog's and Con



On page 16 on the OGL SteamPunk book, it reads that Cogs have no constitution score and can not be effected by disease and so forth. No con score, however, leaves the question about Hit Points. What would the Cog's Con be considered as for HP generation, should my players roll a Con stat and ignore it for everything but HP?

I would rule that like all creatures with no constitution they do not recieve bonus hp due to con because they do not have any. They already get plenty of bonus for have no constitution.
A medium size construct recieves 20 bonus HP's in place of the fact they do not get or even have a Con score according to the MM. However it may be a little unbalancing to allow say a first level Cog to get +20 HP's in comparison to the rest of the part who would have 16 or so at most... a cog could potentially have twice what the highest non Cog member of the party can get if that method was used.

May be worth just granting the Cog the Toughness feat for free instead.
Or assume that they get no modifier at all, which is what I assume was actually intended.

Though I have to admit, I don't much like the CoGs, they just don't stand out as much as they should, good or bad. (Though the Traits go a ways to balance this, the Upgrade and Framework trees do add a good bit of indiduality.)

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