OGL Manga on the Release Schedule - April

Sometimes I wonder about the "disappearing" releases... if they've been pushed back, or simply removed. And if removed is it a Q.A. issue, or a commercial decision... if its because Mongoose dont want to do a print run of something that might not sell enough copies, then maybe releasing it in PDF would be the answer?
I would think that if enough work was done on a project to warrant a scheduled release date (whether it slides or not) would definitely warrant a PDF version thru RPGNow.com or the like.

I honestly just don't know how big of a market there is for OGL Manga. I mean - there's already BESM on the market... is a good sell? Is there other similar product out there? Or is this such a tight niche market group that the idea - while novel - just isn't economically friendly?

Consider the 5 other OGL books have had very little success and I just don't see a 6th one - especially Manga - being any better received.

Just my 2 cents... although I'm interested enough in it to own it but would probably never play (like most of the games I own!)!
The document is finished and delivered, only waiting for a list of changes to do the final draft. :)

The advantage of OGL Manga over BESM d20 is that it is more fully entrenched in the d20 ruleset. While I do like BESM d20 (and even contributed to it ;) ), I feel that it pasted Tri-Stat on d20 without looking closely to what d20 already did that Tri-Stat brought in, so there is a lot of redundancy and vagueness. I hope to have gotten rid of that :)
Interesting! Thanks for the update! I hope to get in on as a playtester for this as well! And maybe some music! :)