NPC - Thotra-ak-mekri

Red Tulwar

OK, one more NPC to share. Hope you like him. Comments welcome.

Medium-Size Humanoid (Stygian thief 5)
Hit Dice: 5d8+10 (36 hp)
Initiative: +15 (+3 Dex, +8 Reflex save, +4 Improved Initiative feat)
Speed: 30 ft.
DV (Dodge): 5 (+2 level, +3 Dex)
DV (Parry): 6 (+2 level, +4 Str)
DR: +0
Attack: Zhaibar knife +7 melee; Stygian bow (+4) +7 ranged
Full Attack: Zhaibar knife +7 melee; Stygian bow (+4) +7 ranged
Damage: Zhaibar knife 1d12+4; Stygian bow (+4) 1d12+4
Grapple: +7
Special Attacks: +1 racial bonus to hit with Stygian bow, Sneak attack style (Stygian bow), Sneak attack +3d6/+3d8 (+4d6/+4d8 when wearing no armor and carrying less than 20 lbs.)
Special Qualities: Trapfinding, Trap sense +1, Eyes of the Cat, Light-footed, Curse of the Black Hand (see below)
Space/Reach: 5 ft. /5 ft.
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +4 (+2 vs. Corruption)
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 10
Skills: Appraise +6, Balance +7, Bluff +8, Climb +10, Gather Information +4, Hide +8, Intimidate +4, Jump +6, Knowledge (arcane) +6, Listen +4, Move silently +8, Search +6, Sense motive +8, Spot +4, Use rope +2, Perform (ritual) +4, Handle animal +2, Craft (herbalist) +4, Tumble +7, Open lock +5, Disable device +6, Sleight of hand +5
Feats: No honor, Quick draw
Languages: Stygian, Shemitish, Kushite, Darfari, Keshani, Puntan, Zembabwean, Kothic, Turanian, Zamorian
Possessions: Stygian bow (+4), quiver w/ 20 arrows, Zhaibar knife, Silk breeks, Cloak, Sandals, Belt, Black leather gloves.

Thotra-ak-mekri is tall (6 ft., 3 in.), powerfully built, with dusky skin, and his Cimmerian father’s volcanic blue eyes. His features are handsome yet bull-like. He sports a thick, muscular neck, arms, and shoulders, and a long mane of knife-cut black hair, usually tied with a gold clip in the shape of a grinning skull. Though young (he is eighteen years old), his weathered features make him look several years older than he is.

Born in Khemi, the son of a galley whore and a wandering Cimmerian adventurer, Thotra was raised in extreme poverty. Before he reached his seventh year, his mother sold him to a local crime boss to pay off a debt. The man, an experienced thief, took the boy into his household and raised him as his own son.

Under the thief’s guidance, Thotra learned the art of thievery and how to use the Stygian bow. Dealing with thieves, murderers, and scoundrels on a daily basis, he developed an amoral outlook on life as well. The boy proved a quick study, and repaid his guardian on his 13th birthday by strangling the man in his bed.

Thotra, fearful of retaliation from the thief’s allies, fled Stygia with a chest of silver and a handful of meager possessions. He spent the next few years wandering between the lands of Kush and Shem, hiring himself out as an assassin and stealing to make ends meet.

Recently, while visiting the Shemite city of Shushan, Thotra made the mistake of ambushing a Stygian sorcerer. Though he killed the man, the sorcerer uttered a powerful dying curse on the young thief. As the sorcerer died with Thotra’s Zhaibar knife embedded in his heart, the palms of Thotra’s hands turned a hideously deep shade of black. Since he experienced no pain, the young thief thought nothing of it. This changed, however, later that evening when he laid his hands upon the naked body of his lady-love, a young Shemitish dancing girl with whom he’d been carrying on a lusty affair. In his hands, the girl’s flesh withered and blackened and rotted away. She died in the lad’s arms, wailing and writhing in mindless torment.

Now, unable to touch another living being, and haunted by the death of his girl, Thotra seeks to rid himself of the dire curse at any cost. In order to keep himself from harming others, he wears a pair of black leather gloves. He will, however, remove the gloves and lay his hands upon his foes if he believes himself to be outmatched or outnumbered.

The Curse of the Black Hand: This curse causes anyone that comes in contact with Thotra-ak-mekri’s bare hands to suffer a terrible and unnatural rotting disease. If touched, a victim must pass a successful Fortitude save (DC 20) or suffer 4d6 Constitution damage. This damage can only be healed naturally at a rate of 1 point per week. If Thotra attempts to use this attack in combat, it counts as a touch attack that provokes an attack of opportunity.