New Voyage - Hunting the White Lady


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The first new Voyage for the Sea of Thieves RPG is now here!

Megalodons are giant sharks (emphasis on the giant) swimming in the deeps that occasionally come to the surface. They have existed for a long time in the Sea of Thieves but disappeared before a pirate named ‘Merry’ Merrick helped bring them back. He discovered a sea shanty and drum that, when played correctly, summoned the biggest Megalodon ever discovered up to that point: The Hungering One. Giant even for a Megalodon, its arrival in the Sea of Thieves brought back other Megalodons for good.

Some are just curious about ships sailing the Sea of Thieves, while others are territorial and will sink even galleons that dare sail through their waters. Even experienced pirates in the Sea of Thieves worry when they see a giant fin breaking the waves. Still, it is not like the Sea of Thieves is a safe place. Megalodons became just one more thing to worry about.

Lately, a Shrouded Ghost Megaldon has claimed the waters near Shipwreck Bay. A huge bounty has been placed upon the Megalodon; not only is that a lot of gold for a pirate, it is a proper pirate adventure! Some pirates are wary of battling a Shrouded Ghost Megalodon and (perhaps wisely) have stayed away, while others laugh and believe Shrouded Ghosts are only scary myths. But some will hunt The White Lady, their minds already ablaze with all the gold and glory this adventure will earn...

This ebook Voyage includes new rules for different types of Megladons and using Harpoons from your ship!

You can grab your copy right here: