Need info from book 4, Chasm of Chaos



Hello all

I urgently need some info. I need to answer this question ASAP for a competition. We actually only have 45min so I'm not too hopeful.

In the "make your own adventure" book The Chasm of Doom, in the Lone Wolf series, at which numbered section do you use the Summerswerd to fight the evil lord Barraka?

We've narrowed it down to probably 2 sections: 122, 325

Excuse my error in the title, it's of course Doom, not Chaos. I apologize. I haven't slept in a while...
Without going through the whole adventure, I would guess 122... and I'm assuming you looked either in the book or on the Project Aon website?

Sorry if this wasn't in time... where was the competition?

Too late for the competition, but the fact is that you can fight Barraka using the Sommerswerd at both these sections! 122 is the more likely one, but if don't have a flask of holy water, you can follow the sequence 215 -> 119 -> 73 -> 325.