Need help modifying Man Ape


Hi Guys, I am working on my adventure for tomorrows meeting and I need your thoughts on making a Man- Ape modification. Basically I have the story in mind and it involves the Man -Apes picking up from last week. Thanks to some help from others on the boards I came up with some pretty solid ideas for motivations and such. So what I am trying to do is make it so that a group of 2nd level characters, about 5 will not get smoked by a Northern Man Ape. Basically they will look like normal but with white fur and perhaps not as bulky as they are acustom to a life of luxury living in an underground city. So I am wondering if they can even hang with one man ape ,
He is 6D8+12(29)HP
Basically his skill checks and such dont concern me as much as the attack. On a full attack he gets 2 slams +11 (1d8+6) and a bite +9 for (1d10+3) Not too bad I guess unless he busts all 3 on someone.

However, he also has reach so everyone in this group will provoke.

Here is the dandy, He has improved Grab so he does not provoke when trying to grapple. Also that gives +4 to his grapple making it +16 Wow.

Crush :shock: If he busts a grapple on you he can bypass the 2 attacks(says claw attacks but above it said slams?) Either way bypass those and get an automatic 3D8+9 Damage then he gets a +4 to bite if he gets in the Crush. That would kill them.

So here is the thing, Because the stat line is not completely in the book, I am unsure as how to soften this guy and give him Higher intelligence and abilities associated with that , while still adhering to his true animal nature and not taking away too many natural instincts.

Any tips or help are very appreciated.