Naming minbari ships


I know these guys generally use mystic type names but is there a program anywhere that translates words into minbari? i know there is for lots of other scifi and fantasy languages but didnt know if there was a minbari one (or any other B5 race for that fact as i have centauri, narn, minbari and soon the abbai)

Some of my ships:

Mora Drala = Fear of the Dark
Rama Vikra = Green Day
Vena Sushad = Purple Rain
Fa'an a, Fa'an e, A-HA! = Knowing me, knowing you, A-HA!
I use the same source although I've named a Sharlin the 'Oren Ishii'...if anyone has a problem with that...

The name sounded good despite being Japanese in origin...