My Ubers Races Lightest Cruiser


Here is the basic info on what my Uber Race calls their lightest Cruiser.

Its 30,000 tons, It has 8 points TL 20 Crystaliron Armour that's 1 5th normal size, its armament is 10 100 ton TL 20 ton bay weapons that are 1 5th smaller then normal so would normally mass 120 tons, and 290 Triple Turrets mounting 200 Particle Beams that are TL 20 so reroll 1's to 3's to hit and for damage and have 40% more range, and 163 Beam Lasers and 117 Missile Racks, 2.100 ton Fighter Bay that's TL 18 so 1 7th smaller then normal or A 700 ton Recovery Bay that hold 60 10 ton, 21 20 ton, 10 30 ton and 2 40 ton fighters, 4 12 ton and 2 6 ton medical bays, a 672 ton or 336 capacity ton Fighter Personnel Barracks, 400 tons for a 200 capacity Marines Barracks, 642 double, 1 single and 1 10-ton luxury staterooms, 1,408 tons of TL 19 Missiles, 360 tons of common area's, 133 tons each of recreational and sports facilities and 845 ton Cargo Bay

Its 336 capacity tons Fighter Barracks holds 93 regular and 27 back-up pilots, 30 maintenance workers, 12 officers, 5 senor operators and the commander of the pilots, its 200 capacity Marines Barracks holds 170 rank and file, 17 sergeants, 5 Lieutenants, 5 Marines who are also Medics, the 2 junior captains who are joint 2nd in command and the senior captain whose in command and the 642 double, 1 single and 1 10-ton luxury staterooms that hold 980 gunners or 11 per 100 ton bay and 3 each for the 290 triple turrets, 120 officers, 102 engineers, 30 maintenance workers, 20 medics, 15 administrators, 6 Shuttle Pilots, 6 Astrogators, 6 Ships Pilots and The Captain
regardless of TL, you are still limited to 1 hardpoint per 100 tons. Your 30,000 ship has a maximum of 300 hardpoints. You've consumed more than this.

Also, why are your TL20 items consuming only 20% normal space?

Your armament pick is odd as well. Where are you TL20 weapons?

Fighter bays have no TL requirement. They are also TL insensitive, so you cannot apply any size TL modifiers to them for any reason. Assuming you have a full 100 ton bay (and not conformal), you still need to allocate 100 tons + size modifier for the hangar to come up with your final size.

Take a look at your command structure. Military is very hierachal. You would never have two people in dual-command of a warship. It would be Captain, Executive Officer, then another officer (perhaps tactical) as your 3rd in command. Even uber-militaries follow this kind of logic because that's how a military works - clear chain of command.
phavoc said:
regardless of TL, you are still limited to 1 hardpoint per 100 tons. Your 30,000 ship has a maximum of 300 hardpoints. You've consumed more than this.

There's also something wierd with turret numbers. By 2nd edition High Guard, I don't see any requirement for a particle beam to take up multiple slots in a turret, so you've got 200 (P.Beams) + 163 (B.Laser) + 117 (Missile Racks) = 480 turret mounted weapons, spread across 290 triple turrets (870 'slots'). There's no way I can make that work logically in my head.

It's also storing 1400 dTons of fighters in 2 100 dTon and 1 700 dTon bays, put the fighter crews in a Barracks (which is technically allowed to carry marines, not crew). Also, with the biggest fighter being 40 dTons, I'm not sure how effective it's going to be at trying to 'drop' 200 infantry in any sort of combat condition. It does mention 6 shuttle pilots, so maybe the shuttles just haven't been mentioned.

More relevant, rather than excessive detail around the design trivia; what's the point of the ship? You've not mentioned sublight or jump performance - is this a patrol ship pottling around safe systems? a high-jump intruder working behind enemy lines? A strike vessel coming in after the battlefleets to drop troops in not-quite-secure areas?

It feels like a very odd design; a sizeable, varied flight group and a short company of infantry - which feels like a front line unit....but it lacks any guns commensurate with its size and for a TL20 warship its armour is paper-thin given that heavy turret-mounted weapons could punch through it - 2800 dTons could pack in a spinal mount that would let it engage equivalent capital vessels much more effectively. I can't see any engagement with an equiv-tech opponent going well at all.