My House Rules


I'm planning on running a game using the LWMGB, and I've put together a set of house rules (most notably, concerning combat).

Custom Rules

Sorry if this is a little verbose, I was trying to remove any ambiguity.

Flow of Combat

At the start of combat, order of initiative will be established, based on the participants' combat skill, from highest to lowest.

When a character's turn arrives:

If they are engaged in combat with one or more opponents, they can:

1. Decide to stay in combat.
2. Decide to evade combat (if there's a way for them to do it).

If not, they can:

1. Engage an opponent (if this is physically possible)
2. Engage multiple opponents (if they're close enough together)

3. Make a ranged attack against an unengaged opponent within range.
4. Make a ranged attack against an engaged opponent within range (with the associated penalty).
5. Take a miscellaneous action.

Engagement Rules

Only four people can be engaged with one opponent at once, unless any of them are unusually large.

If a character engages one of a group of opponents already engaged with a single character, then the opponent becomes engaged with them instead.

If a character evades combat, they are considered to have escaped engagement at the end of the round.


If two characters are engaged in combat, they are attacking each other. If a character is engaged with multiple opponents, then they will only attack the first opponent they were engaged with. If they engage multiple opponents at once, they must choose which one of them to attack. If multiple opponents are engaged with one character, they are all attacking that one character.

A character can only deal damage in close combat to characters they are attacking.

Close Combat Rolls

After a character has had their turn, if they're engaged in combat, they'll make a combat roll, and both they and their opponent will take damage, unless:

1. One of them is not attacking the other, in which case they don't deal damage.
2. These two characters have already been involved in a combat roll this turn (except in the case of one having extra attacks, as below).
3. One of them is evading, in which case they don't deal damage.

If neither of the two characters would take any damage, then no roll is made.

If a character is engaged with multiple opponents when the roll is made, then the combat ratio is adjusted by 2, against their favour, for each opponent after the first.

If one of two characters involved in a combat roll has extra attacks, and is in a position to deal damage, then they can make another roll where their opponent deals them no damage.

If both of the characters involved in a combat roll have extra attacks, then for every attack they have in common, they make an extra roll where they both deal damage to one another. If one had more attacks than the other, then they can make extra rolls without taking damage as above.

Ranged Combat Attack

When a character makes a ranged attack, they make a combat roll and take no damage.

Character Creation Rules

The stats will be worked out by rolling a pool of D10s equal to the number of stats plus one. You can then assign a number to each stat from this pool, leaving one left over. Characters who start off without a Willpower score but acquire one later will determine it by rolling a single D10 as normal.

Misc. rule changes

1. Kloon Sages can't take Comrade Wisdom at character creation, they can only take it after they've actually been adventuring with people to copy disciplines from.
2. Characters with Two-Gun Mastery can count two pistols as one weapon in their inventory.
3. Any spell (or similar ability) used in combat takes up a turn, except for Countermagic and Contramagic.
4. If a spell affecting the 'next combat' is cast while combat is already happening, the caster gains the benefit for that combat.
5. Changing weapons takes one turn in combat.
6. Successfully casting the Net spell on an opponent renders them incapable of moving or doing damage to anyone for three turns.
7. Extra endurance gained from armour is lost before regular endurance, so you can't take off your chainmail waistcoat and then immediately drop dead as a result.

I expect that I'll make further revisions as we play.

If anyone's interested in joining, please make a post here:


Change of plans, I'm doing it as a play-by-post game. Link: