My Chas Bot.

What do you think???

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I made it from a griffen from the mechwarrior dark age game and this is it

Haha. I meant to say good job, I like the CHAS and its always cool to have different looking CHAS about, but unfortunately I clicked the go hang yourself and in a terrible mistake, I somehow did not manage to click the other clickity thing before pressing ok. So count one extra vote for "tis good!"
There's no middle of the fence option. I feel that it looks like Robot from Lost in Space. Now whether or not that is good, is up to you. :)

"Danger Corporal Rico, Danger"

before I bought my M8s I was thinking of useing some of the MW:DA minis as well. for CHAS bots I use a cut down Tau Crisis suit.

I like the look of the mini here but the blue is a little loud:)
patton said:
I just like the 'go hang yourself option.' I like it..... (eyes box of mechwarrior stuff)

Hehe no doubt. There are not many things I am ashamed of but, mechwarrior...... :oops:

I guess they will never resurect battletech :cry:
Sgt. Brassones said:
At least it has all the proper weapons modeled.

What my chas or somthing for classic battle tech?

And just so every one knows I love the *mechwarrior dark age game* not that pissy ass crap packed card game they came out with. :x :x :x :x :x