[Moon Toad Publishing]Book of Small Craft TAS


Cosmic Mongoose


This book is for the Second Edition of Traveller by Mongoose, though it should be compatible with any other edition

It contains descriptions, deck plans (with cluttered and non-cluttered versions), a couple of variants for some of the craft, Second Edition game specifications and some additional rules.

Full Roll D20 assets are included as a separate file, along with a handy smaller cut down version of the book, ideal for referee or player reference.

Although normally small craft are non-jump capable with have included a jump version of the shuttle (5 dtons bigger) and a bonus the 100 dton Scout/Courier.

Craft featured in this book are:
• Shuttle
• Assault Lander
• Caravan Class Jump Shuttle
• Modular Cutter
• Pinnace
• Slow Pinnace
• Slow Boat
• Hunting Launch
• Type R Launch
• Jolly Boat
• Rampart Fighter
• Runabout

A Print on demand version is in the works
Very nice!
I was going to comment on the price, but then I saw it was 150 pages. Lots of plans and art.
So I bought it and don't regret it.
I don't known about the 5 ton runabout and 3 ton life boat as far as 2nd edition rules go, but they seem like a reasonable thing to allow.