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Want to work for Mongoose full-time?

We have a permanent position opening up that requires a very special candidate. We will therefore not be setting any time limit on applications, though be aware that once we find the right person we will look to move quickly.

Mongoose is casting the net to find someone who can handle everything word-related in connection with our games - the candidate must be capable of writing gaming material of excellent quality, editing with an extremely high degree of accuracy, working with writers, commissioning new work, handling playtesting and proofing processes, and everything else involved in getting a book from a blank page to a document ready to send to layout.

The position is full-time and permanent, and the candidate would have to live and work in Swindon (United Kingdom). That part is non-negotiable, as we work as a tightly knit team. The base salary at Mongoose is most reasonable and additional benefits, financial and otherwise, are considerable. You will have every opportunity to do well and build a full career with a true and long term stake in the company.

The candidate must have in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of our existing games, both in terms of mechanics and lore (so, if you are as yet unfamiliar, I would advise you to get reading and playing), as well as a broad knowledge of other games, both tabletop and electronic.

If you know someone who might be interested in this, feel free to pass this message on. If you yourself are interested, then you need to get on our radar.

This is a critical position at Mongoose (this cannot be overstated) and we are quite prepared to wait until the right person comes along. As a first step you need to demonstrate that you know our games and can write to high quality. We currently have an open call for JTAS articles on our forums and this might be a good place to start - you might have a better idea and we would like to hear them, as this job is all about coming up with the better ideas.

In any event, you can contact me at


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I would love to go for this, but I highly doubt it would pay enough for me and the family to survive on compared to the current job. I can do minor level work but not full-time. If you wish to discuss my helping out the team any time, Matthew, you know where I am!