Mongoose News - Secrets of the Ancients


300,000 years ago, an ancient race of aliens ruled the galaxy… maybe.
They wiped themselves out... sort of.
The war is still happening to this day... kind of.
You know what? Never mind all that. You need to save the galaxy!

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Fully updated for the latest edition of Traveller!

A complete campaign of truly epic proportions, Secrets of the Ancients delves into the dark past of the Charted Space universe, and the legacy of a race of incredibly advanced and powerful aliens. Over the course of this campaign, the Travellers will see sights no human has ever dreamed of, meddle with powers beyond understanding, clash with secret factions within the Imperium, and ultimately help shape the destiny of all Charted Space.

Secrets of the Ancients will start your Travellers off within the familiar Spinward Marches, but quickly escalates to take them into times, places and dimensions they barely dreamed of.

This is Traveller at its very best.