Mongoose News - Glorious Empire and Naval Adventure 4 - In Stock!


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The Glorious Empire and Naval Adventure 4: Enemy of My Enemy are now in stock!

You can grab your own copy of The Glorious Empire here:

While Enemy of My Enemy is here:

The Glorious Empire
The Glorious Empire is an Aslan splinter state in the Trojan Reach that engages in the forbidden practice of slavery. This book contains everything needed to run a campaign in this dangerous and volatile region of space including histories, new career paths, world descriptions, new starships, small craft, vehicles, gear, weapons, and animal encounters


Naval Adventure 4: Enemy of My Enemy
Piracy has become a problem in District 268. With the imminent annexation of the subsector, the Imperium does not want to inherit a troubled region so they are sending the Travellers’ ship to troubleshoot the situation. Aided by the Collacian Planetary Navy, the Travellers must go on a pirate hunt...



Any idea when the two books will be sent to those who had them on pre-order?

When the shipment is done I receive the books in a week, so I know when to be patient and when to worry?



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Should have already reached you - drop me a line at and we will see what has happened!