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We have just released the final part of the 'French Arm trilogy' - Atlas of the French Arm! You can grab your own copy from:


The French Arm is the most heavily-settled branch of human exploration and expansion, running from Earth though the link at Wolf 359 and extending all the way up to the Wolf Cluster and Kaefer space, with the colony world of Aurore being the furthest, and most recent, permanent settlement.

The Atlas of the French Arm coves all the worlds and colonies within this immense region of space, including the history of its exploration, the wars that have erupted along its length, and the new dangers that are just beginning to be uncovered at its furthest, darkest reaches.

The perfect companion to French Arm Adventures, Atlas of the French Arm is a complete campaign setting for 2300AD that provides enough material to keep players and referees going for months. Also look out for the third part of the French Arm trilogy, Ships of the French Arm.


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When will "Atlas of the French Arm" reach the shops? I buy my books from Travelling Man in Newcastle. I think they get their stuff from Esdevium Games. I have checked out the "New Releases" PDFs on but I've seen nothing so far.