Missing Saddlebags?

I was recently looking over the equipment packages for the Nomad when I realized that all 3 packages listed "saddlebags". This wasn't surprising as all 3 packages had mounts and saddlebags are natural equipment for mounts.

The odd thing was... there's no listing either in the text or in the table for "Saddlebags" in the Mounts & Related Gear part of the Equipment section of the book. There's no entry for them and thus no cost or weight given for saddlebags either.

I have the AE version of Conan d20 and while I'm sure one can look up saddlebags in D&D 3.5, I just thought the omission was a bit odd. Also is the price for D&D saddlebags, which is listed in GP, the same for Conan d20 only now it is SP?
Sutek said:
Have you checked in Tito's Trading Post? They may be in there.
I don't currently own Tito's Trading Post but I find it odd that one would need a separate sourcebook for an item mentioned in the core book in all 3 of the Nomad's starting gear packages.

It is a fairly minor point, more of a curiousity than a complaint.
MGBM said:
Yeap, the saddles are in Tito's Trading Post. Saddle, pack and Saddle, riding.
No not the actual "saddles" but rather the "saddlebags". It is a seperate item. The saddlebags are what you use to store items in while the saddle is just the "seat" that you use to sit upon the horse. Of course you can store items in the pack saddle but then you can't use a pack saddle for riding. Saddlebags are an item that allows one to use a riding saddle but still be able to store/pack items on the horse (though not as much weight/gear as can be stored/packed on a pack saddle).

The main rulebook has both the riding saddle & the pack saddle but there's a separate item called saddlebags that isn't listed (I know I've seen a listing for them in the D&D material at some point with a separate price & weight in addition to different actual saddles).

It probably isn't that big a deal unless the GM is being exacting about cost accounting. Also if someone has the D&D material, they can look up saddlebags there but some Conan players/GMs are brand new to the d20 system and may not have the references.
I could not find saddlebags in Tito's either. Perhaps they were in another book, or were just accidently left out of the original and AE books.

Sounds like a erratum is needed to me. :)
Do you really need a book for this cost. Just guestimate, look at an entry for a bag, times it by two (there are 2 bags) and toss another couple of SP in for good effect and there you go?

Errata should not be wasted on minor and non essential game concepts like saddlebags, errata is for changing the DR of the orse from 5 to 2 (I think its the current amount off the top of my head).

I was JOKING! Hence the smiley face.

The cost for a set of saddlebags should be about 1/4 SP for a small set, 1/2 SP for a medium sized pair, and about 1 SP for a large set. This is just an estimate of course. :roll: I converted these estimates from the costs listed in ICE's "... and a 10-Foot Pole".