missing map from "Fiery Trial"

Greg Smith said:
And I third it. :)

Ok, they leave out a map in the Fiery Trial and NEVER offer it as a download??

Now I own FT but I have yet to read it as I'm not planning on running a game any time soon but it would be nice to have a copy of the missing map.

Mongoose Publishing, are you reading these posts?
We would like the map for a product we paid you money for.

Guys if you want a definite response your best bet is to e-mail them direct and be polite.

The mongoose crew do read the forums but there are LOTS and LOTS of threads and I doubt they get time to look at more than a handful when on.

So instead of just dropping in, giving a request and then popping back some time later all forlorn and assuming they dont care, why not give them the benefit of the doubt and contact them appropriately ;) If there is a missing map i'm sure it will be made available at some point once they know.
Greg Smith said:
I did e-mail Agent One about it some time ago. His response:

"Yep, they left that out. Sorry about that."

I'd try Matt or Paul your likely to get a more definitive response, and if a map isnt forthcoming you'll at least know the actual reasons why.
slingbld said:
Also, Neo I never thought of that (D'oh!).
I'll realy hafta remember that!!


No Worries slingbld.

it just struck me as likely that they didn't know about it when you mentioned noonse had responded, as Mongoose aren't the kind of company to dismiss that sort of thing, just made sense they hadn't seen the thread :)

Trust in the Mongoose, the Mongoose is good :)
What you want Mongoose to get rid of all the errors in there products, write up new games, support the old ones, get the new mini's out, and read the forums? gasp. :eek: Patience, hoppergrasses . . . Patience. I swear people these days will stand in front of the microwave and scream at it saying, "I havn't got all minute!!!" :lol:

psyclonejack said:
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OMG! I can't believe I understood that quote.
I nver realy thought of that before :) :)
It shows that I'm a reviewer (technical dox, but can do any dox) as although I can make sense of the jumbled letters, my head keeps screaming out "sort it out, sort it out!"
I am still eager to see the map from Fiery Trial.

I noticed in season 5 a Pak'ma'ra agricultural colony was mentions just a few jumps away from Abbai space. The only Pak'ma'ra world on both the Agents of Gaming and Mongoose maps is "Melat" and it is on the other side of Drazi space. I know neither map was ment to show every system, but I wouldn't mind seeing this colony appear somewhere, as the Pak'ma'ra are supposed to be everywhere and have a lot of trading ships yet only the one system and this agricultural colony near Abbai space.
I think they are working on it. Just remember that anything they do, from a FAQ or errata to providing a missing map like this has to pass aproval of the WB License Gorilla. That can take time, it may also take money which could be a reason they are delaying this.
Not sure 'bout that last part.

So long as they do come around to providing the map, I'll be ok :)