[MgT1] Aid from multiple characters/converging task chains


Is it possible for multiple characters to aid another character by "pooling" the results of their task chains? An example I can imagine would be surgery, with multiple nurses and assistant surgeons providing help for a senior surgeon. The core book describes a scenario with a A -> B -> C chain, what I'd be interested is one with, e.g., A -> C, B -> C, D -> C. Maybe a system similar to MegaTraveller's Tactics pool could be adopted for this?


Cosmic Mongoose
Short answers: Sure, why not.
Longer answer (from p. 63 of the 2022 update, which is MgT2, but anyway...):

Task chains usually assume that while Travellers
are working together, they are waiting for the results
of one check in order to affect the next. However,
there will be times when Travellers are working at the
same time on exactly the same task and will wish to
combine their efforts.
In these situations, the task chain rules can still be
used but with one Traveller making the ‘final’ check and
the others making checks to add task chain modifiers.

"Others" implies multiple. I'm sure there are practical limits. Your example is reasonable, but an entire crowd pooling for an orator's Persuade roll... okay, that might be relevant in some circumstances now that I envision it...


Emperor Mongoose
Going by my extensive viewing of Scrubs, and I think the Green Wing, I'd say it's not an exception to the rule, but the team (effort) is organic.

While you do have one or two principal actors, the surgery is undertaken by, presumably, well trained and coordinated specialists acting in unison.

Might also be a question how many people you can crowd around the work area, without getting in each other's way.

And since we're on surgery, remote control of a surgery robot.