Metro DC area?

Hey Jonathan. I know these guys who might be interested in gaming with you, and they live in the area. Their names are Neil, Paul, and Kevin. And I think there's this other guy who owns the house Kevin lives in. Maybe you should contact them?

Plus, I know this girl around there who's looking to prove herself. Maybe she'll be interested.

Or, you could just fly out here to Portland/Vancouver every Friday and play with us.
Dude, that's just wrong! ;)

I sent Paul an email a bit ago, for dinner with him and his gal again. Waiting to hear back.

Neil, haven't hardly heard from him in ages. He peeped once on the Garage list, but that's all I've heard from him.

Kevin, haven't heard from him since I left for the sandbox.

The girl in question has admitted that she doesn't have the patience or mindset for RPGs, and probably wont' play after our current D&D game is over. EDIT: I should say, she doesn't have the patience or mindset for the 10 hour marathon session that my current group tends towards. In honesty, that's sometimes a bit much for me...

The planeride would be fun, though prohibitively expensive, given wedding costs and all. ;)