Messantia spell: Fangs of the Night

Hi All; Maximo contacted me with this question: he noticed Zuthelia had a spell "Fangs of the Night" in her repertoire that was missing from the second book; I am guessing it missed the cut, but this reference is still there. Anyway, the spell is as follows, for those who need it. Players please avert your eyes, lest you incur the furious wrath and anger of your GM:

Fangs of the Night
PP Cost: 3 points
Components: S, V
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: touch
Targets: one target touched per use
Duration: instantaneous once released
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Prerequisites: Magical attack bonus 4+
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for target’s saving throws.

Some sorcerers find it within themselves to invoke a venomous bite, which will unleash a deadly poison in their target. The boldest and most feral of sorcerers find this tactic useful, and some sects make it a centrepiece to their rituals.

The sorcerer must have in his possession a creature that is known for its deadly bite, such as an asp or spider. The creature must be killed, eaten alive or dead as the spell is invoked in an ecstatic dance. Once done, the sorcerer is imbued with the essence of the creature’s venomous bite. This bite may be held and used at a later date, after which the spell must be recast.

If the sorcerer makes a successful touch attack against a target, then he has bitten his foe, which must make a Fortitude saving throw to resist the effects of the poison. If the saving throw is failed, the target takes 1d4 immediate Constitution damage, and must make an additional saving throw the following round to avoid taking additional 1d3 Constitution damage. The foe also takes 1d3 points of normal damage from the bite regardless of the saving throw.
SPOILER- my players don't read

P.S. Nick- good work. I liked the adventure so much I incorporated into my long term campaign. Seems Zuthelia was just the pawn of some greater evil threatening the southern Hyborian lands...but my players have yet to get that far in the campaign. At the moment they are tangling with a cannabilistic cult of former Mitrans in the hinderlands.....