Massive collection on ebay.


Hello folks.

This is currently on ebay with a very decent price.

And some decent scenery to go with it too

Unfortunately I am moving to Oz and cant take everything that i want to with me.
OMG greg did you not know that? Blimey. !! we are off on the 15th October (the day after the C3 Concrete Cows Tournament). So if you can make it to that tourny we are going for a beer or three after it. Will be down the club this week and as much as possible until we go. Have some bits n bobs to give away.
Goddammit people, split your lots!

I would have been on this like white on rice...

I suspect speed was of the essence, since he is moving to Oz in less than a month.

I will also say his terrain is gorgeous, especially the buildings.

Go and bid now.
LOL cheers Greg,

Yeah sorry speed is important as I move out of my house in just over a week and will basically be living out of a suit case till we fly :?

You could always group together a few of you and do a combined bid. :wink: