Marchers of Valhalla


For Christmas I got the Bison Press's The Black Stranger and Other American Tales by Howard. There's a story in it titled The Marchers of Vallhalla. This story seems to be a Hyborian Age tale without Conan. It makes reference to Aesir, Vanir and Picts as well as a great cataclysm. Just wondering if anyone with more Howard trivia-fu than me can verify if this is indeed set in the Hyborian Age.
The James Allison stories "Marchers of Valhalla", "The Valley of the Worm" and "The Garden of Fear", as well as a few more fragments, are all set in the Hyborian Age -- or at least after the Pre-Cataclysmic Age and before the historical age. Several other Howard stories refer to the Hyborian Age but are set later.
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By Crom! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw that!

Addendum: the only one I know of who possesses these marvelous skills is the Master sensei, Vincent Darlage.
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Wow, I'll have to look into those stories :)

Yeah, do it! I built several one-shots for my PCs along this pattern - and each was a success. They give the fast-paced CONAN game more depth.