Making gaming tiles


I am running a Call of Cthulhu game with buds and want to put together some game boards for it, like tiles.
I am thinking along the lines of the Cadwallon tiles or the ones that come with the Dungeons and Dragons board game. Maybe make my own, airbrush some stuff, and make them transportable. I was planning on doing a dungeon of some sort.
Any ideas?
Anybody try this before?
I want to make nice ones now, not simply plastic with marker on it that can be rubbed out, I mean quality

Anyone ever try this or have experience with an airbrush doing this?
what kind of material do you intend to base your tiles with? I suspect you'd want better than cardboard...

For the B5:ACTA game I made "tiles" I guess you could say except that they are 2'x4' in size. They are made of a pressboard like material. Nearly like the pegboard that most workshops have hanging on the walls with tools attached to them. Its not plywood by far but its certainly heavier than cardboard. I have 4 and together they make 4'x8' which is the typical size of a piece of plywood. I hinged them together so they fold up like a board game might... first backwards down the centerline longways then the two bottom pieces fold up such that only the back side is showing. On the "tiles" I have painted a space backdrop or basically a starfield simulation.

I know that's way bigger than your talking about but that material is super heavy duty and would probably make for some fine smaller tiles. I'd say its about 1/8" thick.... maybe a 1/4" and in fact I think it can be bought at either thickness.
I am making Hex terrain at the moment, but I got a lot of useful advice from this website;

They've got all sorts of advice, and projects for all types of hobbysts