Looking for plans or floorplans of a G'Quan Heavy Cruiser



I'm currently writing a scenario loosely based on an old Star Wars module I played in 1990 called "Starfall" (the good old West End Games and the D6 system... I'm sooo missing that!) where the characters are trapped in a badly damaged destroyer and need to get out of there as fast as possible.

Like :
"Captured by Narns on Ragesh 3, a small group of traders find themselves trapped within the detention block of a G'Quan Heavy Cruiser facing charges of espionage. Suddenly explosions rock the giant battleship as the vessel is attacked by a retaliating Centauri fleet. When the smoke clears, the character's objective is clear -- escape by any means possible!" 8)

I therefore need some detailed plans for a G'Quan Heavy Cruiser...


Thanks in advance,

I would take a look online for some 'Stat sheets' from the old war game. I used the some heavily modified sheets as the basis of my Dilgar ship plans...