Look what I found

I was browsing the LOne Wolf club newsletters over on Project Aon and I came across this interesting little titbit. I remember there being some confusion about it or someone asking (or assuming) something about it so here we go then:

Where do the women and children of the Drakkarim live (or do they in fact exist at all)?
(Robert Weighill, Surrey)
Drakkarim society exists in their homelands, those territories that were colonized after their invasion of Northern Magnamund in the year MS 2591, namely Zaldir, Nyras, and Nyvoz. All of the Drakkarim that Lone Wolf encounters are soldiers in the Darkland army, which explains why he has never yet seen their women and children. Some Drakkar units, notably the Death Knights, are trained from an early age and do not have families. But the others are predominantly natives of the Drakkar homelands, or native to those lands that are policed by the Drakkarim (e.g. Ogia, Magador, Skaror, and Ghatan). The strongest Drakkar males are automatically conscripted into the Darkland army when they reach the age of 17.