Local Defense Forces and System Defense Boats


Banded Mongoose
Want to know what local naval forces defend your homeworld? I've got a blog post to help:


I've got MGT 2e High Guard designs for not one, not two, but three system defense boats from past editions:

  • Standard Solomani SDB (SD-CS60). 300 tons (streamlined hull), 6g, no jump capability, TL-13, Model 7/fib. 12 tons fuel. 13 crew. 3 hardpoints. 3 tons cargo. MCr197.
  • Sentry-class SDB (SD-DS50). 400 tons (streamlined hull), 5g, no jump capability, TL-11, Model 5/fib. 16 tons fuel. 17 crew. 4 hardpoints. 64 tons cargo. MCr209.69.
  • Farnez-class SDB (SD-HS40). 800 tons (streamlined hull), 4g, no jump capability, TL-11, Model 5/fib. 24 tons fuel. 28 crew. 8 hardpoints. 55 tons cargo. MCr348.92.

I'm still working toward my Naval Architecture G.E.D., so would appreciate any feedback on these conversions from the design experts over here.


These looks very nice :) if you don't mind ill steal the stats for my Drinax campaign always looking for more low-tech ships that would fit into the Trojan Reach.

Im also curious what would your take be on Tl 9-10 Ships in an economically/tech Depressed area with a high level of Piracy