LFG Paid GM Thursday 10am-4pm PST 3-4hr session.


Banded Mongoose
There has been interest in a paid Gm game for Traveller.

So I am taking the risk of running one. This will be a sandbox game, taking place in the Mora, Glisten, Trin's Viel and Lunion systems. I have a host of factions set up, to help support various kind of play and plots. I am expirmenting with Spec Trade to make the most optiminal choice more obscured.
I am a heavy improv gm, and really like 'Yes anding' players. I want to give each character their own storyline, while having a larger storyline the players can follow.
I want to build out each planet, with the players and GM helping to fill out NPCs.

And I am terrible at writing ad copy.

Platform: Mostly Discord, with maybe some Roll20 if tactical grid is required.
Players: 3-6 (we currently have 2)
Time: 10am-4pm PST
Session Length: 3-4hrs
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/DXheY7xrDs
Even if you're skeptical, come by and take a look at whats set up.