LAMI and carbines? help pls


ok, i know the LAMI get rightly screwed with their morita rifles due to their training, or lack of it. im cool with that... but thats whats so wonderful about the carbines since they dont suffer from the same rule. (gaining the Auto trait)

heres my problem, even though you saw em used by MI of rank in the movie, i see nowhere in the LAMI rules for officers or NCO's to have the option of carring a carbine? is this a mistake rectified somewhere else or am i missing it?

thanks in advance for any help.
Think of it as a typo, somebody probably forgot to put the asterix next to the carbine Auto trait - LAMIs are simply too undertrained to use the automatic mode in a fully efficient way, both troopers and officers and doesn't matter, rifle or carbine.
under trained LAMI troopers?

i do not know about that one.

inexperienced LAMI troopers going into combat for the first time, to me, would not use their weapons and other weapons as effeciently as veteran soldiers.

and the above would also apply to inexperienced powersuit troopers going into combat for the firt time as well, i think.

LAMI would also lack the bennies given to the powersuit trooper by his/her armor and associated systems for accurate targetting as well the additional strength required to control their MORITAS firing full auto bursts from the shoulder or hip (what caliber are these things supposed to be anyway?).

i mean we are talking about basic trained_infantry_ soldiers, not AFRICAN tribal irregulars armed with AR/GL combos and other weaponry (see any of the numerous available photos showing tribal warriors engaging in combat, anywhere in AFRICA, if y'all want to see some really bizarro shooting styles).

having been underfire, i can tell you that i have seen some clowns just sticking their weapon up over an obstacle or around the corner and emptying the magazine on full auto, without ever having a clear target to shoot at. fortunately, they were in the minority!

Fluff-based point is, LAMIs are undertrained in comparision with the CAPs - that covers fully efficient use of automatic fire too, hence the loss of the "auto" trait in TT and initiall lack of "advanced firearms proficiency" in the RPG. Lack of hi-tech gizmos do its part aswell.