JMS selling B5 stuff on eBay


The next big item coming up from JMS make my jaw drop; see his message posted earlier today at :

The third the one that I debated about for a long time, but I
want this whole thing to be kind of special, to put something that I
would want to have as a fan, not just to clear out stuff from the
garage. Something...special.

Because that's almost half the fun...knowing these things are going to
get good homes, appreciated and shown off.

So what's item number three?

Nothing less than one of the two Medals from the Battle of the Line
seen in Sinclair's quarters in the pilot. Both were used on screen,
interchangeably. I'm keeping one, and letting the other one go to a
fan who can appreciate it.

Yep. THAT medal.

The one that changed everything for the Babylon 5 storyline.


You really need to have too much money to consider bidding on that one... :shock:


US $1,025.00 And still just under a week of bidding to go :shock:

*wonders what a kidney fetches these days*


mthomason said:
You know, just for a second there, I could have sworn I saw LBH's soul listed on eBay...

Yeah, but they'd only give me $9k for it so I missed out on the jacket. but the Battle of the Line medal!




Greg Smith said:
:shock: $9K? I wouldn't give you 9 quid. :twisted:

They gave me £4.50 but the exchange rate on souls is way better than the tourist rates, cos they've got less good ones that side of the pond what with all the politicians and lawyers they ahve over there. Ours are no better mind, but we have a lot less of them.