It's that time of year again... Gen Con, anyone?

Jason Durall

With Gen Con Indianapolis a couple of months away, it seems like a good idea to see who'll be there this year, and maybe if the fates line up, to see if a Conan game can be assembled.

I'll start.

I'll be going, for all four days, and would be happy to run a session of a Conan game if folks would be interested.
Hey Vincent

Could I get into a game with you?

Also I would like to run a game on Wed night (before the con) if your interested e-mail me at
I'll be there all Wednesday through Sunday morning and would love to get into a Conan game.

Unfortunately, the Mongoose slots filled to way too quickly. Just let me know where and when.

red_herring said:
Unfortunately, the Mongoose slots filled to way too quickly. Just let me know where and when.
There's no reason that any games organized here on the forums have to go through the convention registration system - we can just meet at a pre-designated time and find an open space somewhere. Quite a few games are organized this way.

Maybe let the guys at Mongoose know that there's an "off the schedule" game happening if they want to send folks there to fill any potentially empty seats.

However, in all likelihood, that won't be much of a problem, as we've already gotten four folks sounding off in the six hours since I started this thread. Two months from now, we may have a robust schedule of off-schedule games!
I shall be at GenCon the entire run, although I will likely not be at Origins even though I live in Columbus, OH. How's that for irony?

I'm only registered for a few events (I usually just wing it :wink:), but did miss out on the listed Conan events, so would be very much interested in playing in a scheduled non-listed game.
A friend and i will there from wednesday to sunday morning. so i'm interested. signed up for 3 games so far :D
I thought I'd resurrect this thread, like grim Xaltotun, to see who's still interested in meeting up, now that the con is but four weeks away.
If your interested I will advertize that I will be running an adventure on wed night before the con. If your interested shoot me an e-mail at
I think there are two here that would like to play, we are new to the Conan game but long time D20 players. I don't think we will be there until late Wednesday night so we will miss Brett's game depending on start time but would be looking to join a different game . We wil be there from Wednesday night until Sunday afternoon..

Email me at if you have details
Well I can't afford Gen Con vacation wise or financially and already am a long time staff member for Dragon*Con, but ya'll have fun neverless. :)

I will be tournament judging my 2nd chapter to Conan: Return to the Throne of Blood campaign at Dragon*Con 2005 in a few weeks, Labor Day weekend here in Atlanta, GA.

I got a Shadizar and Messentia boxed set for prizes and some other goodies in store likely.

Cordially invite anyone to come find me and game.