Is CONAN the best d20 option for WarhammerFantasy Roleplay?

Is CONAN the best d20 option to date for Warhammer Fantasy roleplaying?

  • Yes -- very well, in fact

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  • Yes -- but that ain't saying much

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  • No -- D&D3.5 is better for that

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  • No -- some other rule set (please state) is better

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  • Burn the heretic! -- original WHFRP are the only way to go

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  • Burn the heretic! -- how dare you bring up GW in a Mongoose forum

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I`ve played WFRP and I`ve played D&D 3.5. WFRP may have its faults but it is much more suited to my style of RPG then D&D 3.5. Personally, I come to the end, that D&D 3.5 is not a RPG at all, but somehow you can really have fun with D&D.

If you like god-like PC, and the old dungeon-bash adventures and if your only goal in RPG is to loot treasure, grow more powerful and then even more powerful and if your players are satisfied to cross the plan of the evil mage,necromancer, etc. to conquer the world - (funny, that reminds me of Pinky and the Brain....!)

I dont want to take part in the "war of the RPG-systems", but I don`t like D&D 3.5 very much The point is: What mongoose do is something completely different and I like the new Conan RPG as much as I dislike D&D. In my opinion it would be great, if mongoose would publish a RPG in the Old World, because I believe that the guys of this company may have the right feel for warhammer.

At first view, CONAN may be related to D&D and may use some of the basic gaming mechanics of D&D, but for me it seems that actually CONAN is something very diffrent - and I like it.

IF mongoose plans to publish new material for WFRP (D20 or whatever) I would be glad if they were doing as great a job as they have done it with SLAINE.
Hyena said:
Not to start a flamewar or anything but I remember hearing Warhammer grognards complain that WHFRP'setting and Warhammer Battle's were not the same anymore and that Warhammer Battle's was far less dark and 'mature'. Any truth in this ? Is this related to your fears ?

WFB has always been lighthearted, if not outright silly! It was written that way. The races were deliberate sterotypes - beer swilling, crazy dwarves, haughty elves, giants that fall over and squash regiments, goblins with massive flails that are so pumped up on drugs that they can cut a bloody swathe through the hardiest regiment, but are as much a danger to their own ranks as to the enemy...

Every large new model release was accompanied by an amusing short story, be it the dwarven trebuchet crew who run out of stones and so start loading the war-machine with goblins instead, or the Orcish bolt-thrower captain who skewers a number of recruits whilst demonstrating the devices safety catch.

Wheras WFRP has always been a kind of pseudo-medieval version of Call of Cthulu (with skaven instead of Deep Ones, perhaps), with just enough humour to throw the grimness of everyday life into sharp relief. The life of a WFRP character, to trot out an old cliche, can be nasty, brutish and short.

So in fact, the two games have always been different, from the day WFRP was issued. Thre is even a letter about it in an ancient White Dwarf, back when it was an RPG mag and not just a Citadel Miniatures Catalogue. A writer complains that characters playing Dwarves are playing them as Drunken WFB stereotypes, and not taking the game as seriously as they should.