Going to start my first campaign in Zamora using the black stones pdf. So far the pc are Aesir female barbarian, Pict barbarian and Hyrkanian nomad there will be one more, anyone have any ideas as to bring these characters together.
Also did anyone come up wth an alternate ending for the PDF as im not sure about the black stones at the end?
I tweaked things up to that point, but when the good guys retreated into the area and blood was spilled on the stones, I let them animate. It was quite the surprise for the PCs!
I started my PCs as prisoners of a slaver who was taking them out of Turan and into Zamora. During character creation I told them: "Don't worry about your equipment list..." Then on the night we started I told them they could each write down "Rags and shackles" as equipment . :twisted:

The Slaver had the 4 PC slaves, 2 NPC slaves and a bodyguard. The Bodyguard was kept very busy brutalizing the slaves to try to keep them in line. During the journey I presented the PCs with an opportunity to escape and they seized it with both hands. The PC who had suffered worst at the hands of the bodyguard ended up splitting his skull open with a large rock.

They seemed to really enjoy it!