Hyborian racial benefits question

Lord Soth

The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. So here goes.

Argosseans/Barachan, Bossonians, Hyperboreans, Gunderman's and Taurans are all considered Hyborians. Do they recieve the Hyborian racial benefits as well as those in their own entries? I wouldn't think so because the Hyborian benefits aren't listed in their entries, but it lists the things on the Hyborians racial benefits they do not get. Because of that, it makes me think that they do get the rest.

For example, it says Bossonians do get the extra Fate Point like normal Hyborians do and they have Bossonian longbow proficiency instead of great sword proficiency. So does this mean they get Adaptability? Why mention what they don't get if they don't get any of it? It makes it look like they get everything on both lists unless they say otherwise.

Sorry if this has been brought up before. Can anyone help me to understand?

Lord Soth
I believe the answer is yes, they do receive the benefits of the "parent" race, unless explicitly listed otherwise. See the Pocket Book, page 27 under Variant Races.

Mad Dog
Ah, didn't see that. Much clearer now, thanks. I must be getting older and my eyes are going... stupid aging...

Lord Soth