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there is a prestige class on the mongoose site for it. and there is a book scheduled to come out in Dec, all can be found at this link:

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The full Ranger Prestige class (10 levels) can be found in the season 3 book : The point of no return . (although I think only covers the original , shadow war-era and before , Ranger)
However , if you cannot wait up to December , I remember that someone around here made several Ranger classes more oriented towards the ISA era ; from Ranger fleet officers to Anla´Shok Den´na martial artists . All of them were presented in a nicely done PDF .
I would imagine that any ISA era ranger prestige class would be in the forthcoming Rangers sourcebook.
Sorry I should have said I know about the Ranger PC in one of the season books. I was just thinking is there going to be any changes between that class and a ISA Ranger?
im sure there will be changes due to the fact im sure that the ISA ranger is going to be a full 20 level class instead of a 10 level PRC.... and im sure they are going to add more feats... I hope they do atleast.. I want more denn-bok feats, aswell as more ranger martial arts feats since personaly I think the Rangers are a Martial Arts style class that are trained in the Denn-Bok just like a modern day Martial Artist would learn how to use a Staff, or Nunchucks or any of a mirade of weapons that different Martial artist schools teach...... just my opinion..... any time you saw a ranger fight you did see them use the Denn-Bok as an extension of there martial traning.. think about it they are the only large group that actualy uses a Martial Style weapon in an era when most people use PPG style weapons..... and they use it effectively at that....